Commercial inflatable NightClubs

❤ Commercial rental grade ❤ Custom sizes, colors, labels ❤ 2 years warranty

Host your party anywhere or start your party rental business.

Party inflatables & inflatable cube

Our inflatable night club are the talk of every party they are at. These are a big hit at weddings, parties and events.


Why choose our inflatable nightclub for a party

Get the inflatable NightClub 

Our inflatable nightclub is rated one of the #1 inflatable nightclub of 2023. It is highly popular for weddings, parties, and events.

LED light strips controlled by a remote to switch between different colors.

Get energized with our inflatable nightclub, equipped with LED light strips that can be set to different color modes using a remote control.Experience a wide range of cool colors! It will elevate your inflatable party tent and allow you to choose your favorite colors to create the perfect atmosphere.

✓ CHEAPER than competitors

✓ FREE shipping & no hassle returns

✓ Hundreds of dazzling color variations.

Quick inflation time, takes only 5-15 minutes to fully inflate

Air fill pipe cover and convenient valve plate for reduced air leakage and personnel safety

Rich experience and materials: waterproof, flame retardant, UV resistant

Customize your inflatable with your company logo, party badges, phone number, or website using your branding

Made with the best materials: PVC waterproof fabric 0.55mm, highly durable, resistant to wind, rain, and frost, with a lifespan of over 10 years

Customizable size and design, can be made in any size and color.

large inflatable nightclub

Inflatable Nightclub Sizes

👉16ft L x 13ft W x 10ft H
Fits up to 12 people standing. Made with 1 door and 2 windows

👉20ft L x 20ft W x 10ft H
Fits up to 35 people standing. Made with 1 door and 2 windows

👉26.4ft L x 26.4ft W x 13.2ft H
Fits up to 60 people standing. Made with 2 doors and 4 windows

👉33ft L x 33ft W x 14ft H
Fits up to 100 people standing. Can have up to 2 doors and 6 windows.

👉50ft L x 30ft W x 20ft H
Fits up to 135 people standing. Can have up to 4 doors and 8 windows.

Nightclub, Photo Booth, Disco Dome – Save 15%  Sale:4989

Don’t miss out on this great package deal when you purchase our 26ft inflatable night club and our 8.5ft inflatable photo booth and out Disco Dome bouncer. All 3 of these inflatables are popular at weddings, parties and events. If you run a event rental supply business, the Inflatable Nightclub, Photo Booth and Disco Dome are a great addition to your inventory. Comes with LED strip lights for the inside that you can set to different color modes.

Save over $1k when you purchase this 3 pack

  • Colors:
    • White for the nightclub and black for the photo booth
    • We can also UV print a custom design or custom colors on the inflatable nightclub.
    • RGB for LED lights on the inside for both the nightclub and photo booth.
  • Size:
    • Nightclub: 26.4ft L x 26.4ft W x 13.2ft H (fits 60 people standing)
    • Photo Booth: 8.5ft x 8ft
    • Disco Dome: 16ft x 13ft